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Partners & Friends

At Keep Kickin Soccer it’s our belief that the people you surround yourself with will greatly impact how effective you are. Our Partners and Friends share common beliefs and goals that help create a more developmental, safe, and unique experience for our athletes, families and staff. Whether it’s a co-branded program or a referral relationship, we respect and welcome our Partners and Friends for what they do, and continue to do, for the community! 

The ASPIRE middle school component’s mission is to improve the lives of Norwalk’s middle school youth by enabling their successful transition into high school and increasing their ability to be productive, independent young adults. The program meets five days a week during the school year from 3:00-5:30 pm at Ben Franklin School and is open to Norwalk middle school students who meet the program criteria. In addition to academic support, the program offers enrichment activities, helps promote character development and reinforces executive functioning skills.

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